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Accommodation at Leeds

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Hi. I'm desperate for assistance. I'm an American post-grad student coming to Leeds in Sept and I'm filling out this housing app for on-campus self-catered accommodation. Help!

Is Leodis really in that dodgy of a neighborhood? Is James Baillie Park worth the extra money because apparently all they have available are studio flats? If I'm in a studio flat in JBP, will I still meet people? I don't want to be a total shut-in nerd. And what about Montague Burton or St. Mark's? Why is it that only St. Marks has wireless?

Here's what I really want to have: in room internet access, en suite facilities (if possible), not scary neighborhood, close walk to campus, fun but not too crazy. Can anyone help me out here?



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On May 22nd, 2007 09:13 am (UTC), pisica commented:
You might want to post this in brits_americans if you haven't - you might get a wider readership (including people from Leeds who moved to the states)!
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