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I am in the process of finishing my AVMC application for the BVM&S 5-year undergraduate programs at Royal College, (University of Edinburgh) and University of Glasgow. My concern is if I should apply as a high school graduate or as a transfer with some college credit, since these are all undergrad programs I have the choice.

I had qualifying grades for my math, chemistry, and biology courses in college, but overall my GPA was below the 3.4 average for most programs. I don't think I am able to pick and course the courses I did well in and submit only those portions of my transcripts. However, my high school grads more than qualify me for this program.

Would it be more prudent to apply as high school graduate and start my college experience fresh than outright be denied this time around for not meeting the GPA recs? I have been working in the field for almost 10 years, and my experience should out weigh my previous college debacle.


(I've already emailed admissions with this same question, but it's been weeks and all I received was an automatic response redirecting me to the website)
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Does anyone know a good community for answering questions about UK immigration law? Specifically I want to know if the two-year cohabitation requirement for an unmarried partner visa has to be two continuous years, or if there can be a break in the middle. Also, does anyone know if you can transition from the IGS (which I have now, which expires in Feb) to a Post Study visa from outside the country? Thanks.
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Hullo all,

This is a question notably directed at University of Edinburgh grad students of English specifically in Literature and Transatlanticism (but if you aren't in that programme you can comment too :)). I'm applying to said programme for the Autumn, but have a few questions before I send anything in:

1) As a Californian, is there anything that a committee likes to see from international students that differs from national ones?

2) In the personal statement, how much personal and how much academic is needed? Because in the States, for undergrad, our personal statements have the tendency to waffle on at great lengths about how we've 'always seen ourselves at [insert university name], and 'ever since I was a child I've collected said university's memorabilia...' all in the hope that this, plus decent grades and SAT scores will push us over the edge. But from all accounts that I've heard, grad school personnel statements are more like mission statements boarding on an actual life plan that somehow has to do with the university, and I'd like to know how much of this is true for Edinburgh.

3) How likely is it that if accepted, one can receive financial aid that is not solely loans?

Thanks a bunch in advance!

Amanda :)
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Here's a useful website for Americans living overseas who want to get an absentee ballot to vote in state or general elections. Click on your primary state of residence to see the deadlines and forms for registering.
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Hi all. Sorry to pop in with nothing but questions, but...I have a question. Due to some rather spectacular procrastination/administrative bumbling on the part of my Uni, I'm not graduating until April. The only problem is my visa expires and I need to be out of the UK on 1 February, unless the Uni gets its act together and gets me my grades posthaste.

My question: If I were to leave the UK for a week or so on 1 February and go to somewhere like Ireland or Italy and then come back in, would that entitle me to the six month visitor's entry clearance? I don't want to do anything shady that would jeopardize my chances of getting a graduate visa, but I ask because transatlantic flights are a bit pricey, and I'd like to avoid it if I could!

Thanks. I hope you're all having a good new year. :)


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Is there anybody enrolled in Glasgow University's creative writing PhD programme who might be able to tell me a bit more about it? What I'm looking for is a programme that will let me work on a novel, but the website makes it look more like you're spending more time reading other peoples' work and I'd like to know if there's also your own creative writing project involved. Thanks!

x-posted a lot...

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Hi. I'm desperate for assistance. I'm an American post-grad student coming to Leeds in Sept and I'm filling out this housing app for on-campus self-catered accommodation. Help!

Is Leodis really in that dodgy of a neighborhood? Is James Baillie Park worth the extra money because apparently all they have available are studio flats? If I'm in a studio flat in JBP, will I still meet people? I don't want to be a total shut-in nerd. And what about Montague Burton or St. Mark's? Why is it that only St. Marks has wireless?

Here's what I really want to have: in room internet access, en suite facilities (if possible), not scary neighborhood, close walk to campus, fun but not too crazy. Can anyone help me out here?



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Hello, everyone! I am starting my MSC in Education in September 2007 and have a question about university accommodation.

As an international postgrad, I know that I am guaranteed housing (and thank heavens for that). However, other than that which I could glean from the sparse details on the accommodation website, I have no idea what I'm getting myself into. This is where you lovely folks come in (I hope).

I currently live in what I'd call an ideal student situation: I'm in a self-catered university residence in a small, 3-person flat. We each have our own bedrooms and share a full kitchen, lounge, and 1.5 washrooms (that is, a total of 2 toilets, 2 washbasins, and 1 shower). My flatmates are both men, which seems to make me far happier than when I was living with women, as much as I have adored my previous female flatmates (just in case it isn't clear from my name, I'm a woman).

Would I be able to find a similar set-up in Edinburgh's accommodation offerings? I know I could go hunting for a non-university flat, but I'm worried that that would severely limit my social opportunities.

To re-cap, this is what I'm looking for (in a perfect world, at least):
- Self-catered flat
- Shared with 1-3 other people, ideally men or at least mixed gender
- Full kitchen facilities shared with no more than 3 other people (I love cooking and, on account of numerous dietary issues, need to actually have space/accessibility to do so on a daily basis)
- En suite, if possible, but sharing is fine as long as there's a low ratio of people-to-toilets

Thank you so much in advance! I'm really exciting about going to Edinburgh, but it being so far away does make these planning issues a bit more difficult (I have a feeling that I'm not alone in this sentiment in this community). . .

(Cross-posted in various shapes and forms to the following communities: u_of_edinburgh, colddampgrad, edin_postgrads, and edin_students)
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This may seem a bit premature, but I am inquiring about things to take when one moves. I looked at past entries and was able to get a general idea. Were there things you took that you didn’t need and things that you wished you could have brought with you? Is anyone in a field where you’ve acquired several books and did you take them or leave them? I’m debating about the history books in my shelf and I know which ones I’m taking for sure (Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, Bede, not sure about Gregory of Tours, Plutarch, etc). Thanks! =)
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Hi, so I'm an American who will be in England on a student visa, studying full-time. Apparently, I can work 20 hrs a week while classes are in session and full-time during school holidays.

I called the Home Office and talked to people there about visa stuff, and they said one would usually be granted permission to enter the country a maximum of one month in advance of when classes start.

But, they didn't know when would I be able to seek/start work. So I was wondering, for anyone in the comm who entered the UK in advance of their course's start date: when were you granted permission to start working? Did it start when you entered the country or did it start on the first day of your course?


(crossposted to brits_americans)
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