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Hullo all,

This is a question notably directed at University of Edinburgh grad students of English specifically in Literature and Transatlanticism (but if you aren't in that programme you can comment too :)). I'm applying to said programme for the Autumn, but have a few questions before I send anything in:

1) As a Californian, is there anything that a committee likes to see from international students that differs from national ones?

2) In the personal statement, how much personal and how much academic is needed? Because in the States, for undergrad, our personal statements have the tendency to waffle on at great lengths about how we've 'always seen ourselves at [insert university name], and 'ever since I was a child I've collected said university's memorabilia...' all in the hope that this, plus decent grades and SAT scores will push us over the edge. But from all accounts that I've heard, grad school personnel statements are more like mission statements boarding on an actual life plan that somehow has to do with the university, and I'd like to know how much of this is true for Edinburgh.

3) How likely is it that if accepted, one can receive financial aid that is not solely loans?

Thanks a bunch in advance!

Amanda :)
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On March 10th, 2008 09:58 am (UTC), awakeners commented:
I've just applied for the English literature program in Literature and Modernity (I'm actually from Australia, but I studied in the US for a while) and for my personal statement I just wrote about my academic background, research interests and how these would compliment the course work program. I'm not sure how it went yet, obviously, but I gathered it was more about the program you are applying for than enthusiasm about the university itself.
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