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This is a community of North American students doing graduate work in the UK, though our focus is primarily on Scotland. We're here for mutual support on culture shock, climate shock, long distance relationships, immigration issues, junk food cravings... you name it. We're happy to hear about potential meetups, and to give you a place to troll for a roommate. If a certain kind of posting behaviour becomes a problem, we'll revisit the guidelines later.

We will NOT tolerate trolling, abusive behaviour, or posts that can't manage to remain within our markedly loose topic guidelines.

Students planning to move from North America to locations in the UK besides Scotland ARE welcome here, as are UK students doing grad work in the US or Canada.

If you're applying to grad school in North America, you may find your needs better served by applyingtograd. You may also enjoy ukuni, academics_anon, gradstudents, loveandacademia and callsforpapers.

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